As a result of workforce shortages and increasing contractor needs for skilled workers the SBETC established Craft Training programs in 2005 to serve the Carpentry, Electrical, Heating & Air Conditioning, and Plumbing trades. Class size is limited to 15 - 20 students often times resulting in the need for a waiting list.

Previous CBC students entering the Craft Training program experience more rapid success in creating their career. Most CBC students, once they have defined the trade they wish to pursue are already working in that field as a result of successfully completing CBC. Those working students who have gained the beginning level experience on the job find that they begin to advance in their career once they begin focusing on their trade through their enrollment in the Craft Training Program.

Craft Training is a journey track program that consists of a series of courses for the Carpentry, Electrical, Heating & Air Conditioning and Plumbing trades that, coupled with on-the-job experience, are designed to produce skilled persons within their respective trade. As a NCCER Accredited Construction Training Facility, training obtained through the SBE Training Center Craft Training program is transferable to other NCCER facilities throughout the United States.

Courses are scheduled in the evening on a traditional 9-month school calendar with winter, spring and summer breaks. Enrolling in the program, while comparably simple is subject to local demand for classes. Enrollment is taken on a first come, first serve basis with each class being a pre-requisite to the next.

The SBE Training Centerís recognized by the State of California as an Approved Electrical Training Provider that meets the electrical certification requirements. The SBE Training Center is continuously expanding its training opportunities as dictated by local demand. It is reasonable to expect additional trade courses will be added in the future.

Upon completion of each level of coursework students receive a NCCER certificate of completion, wallet card and official transcripts.

For more information please contact Tracy Lokstadt.